Drain Magic Bio Basket

The Drain Magic Bio Basket is an ideal solution to minimize food waste (or any types of solids) from entering floor drains and traps. Loaded with the Drain Magic Bio Puck (one Puck included in purchase), it is part of a “System” to eliminate F.O.G. (Fats, Oils, and Grease) in drain lines and traps.




Drain Magic Bio Basket

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Shop at Twb innovations Drain Magic Bio Basket. The basket strainer houses the Drain Magic Bio Puck behind a perforated clear plastic door (which slides for easy opening). Water runs over the Bio Puck, constantly releasing “good bacteria,” which continually eat the F.O.G. The clear lid allows for quick visual inspection to facilitate easy and fast replacement when necessary.

When using the Drain Magic Bio Pucks as part of a maintenance program, they will:

  • Remediate F.O.G. in drain lines
  • Reduce grease levels in traps
  • Prevent future build-ups & back-ups
  • Eliminate foul odors and fruit flies
  • Dual action prevention against solids and grease
  • Environmentally and Biologically safe to waste lines (of all types) and to humans
  • Long-lasting, slow dissolving Drain Magic Bio Pucks are extremely economical
  • Used as part of an on-going maintenance routine, trap maintenance costs are reduced

Make drain line F.O.G. vanish with Drain Magic! (For best results, start with clean lines that have been recently jetted)


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