Drain Magic Bio Pucks

Includes 16 Drain Magic Bio Pucks.

Drain Magic from TWB Innovations, is the ultimate F.O.G. fighter.

The Drain Magic Pucks use an advanced biological formulation to remediate F.O.G. (actually eats…Fats, Oils, and Grease) in foodservice drain systems.



Drain Magic Bio Pucks

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The magic ingredient in the pucks are colonies of “good bacteria.” These very specific strains, which number in the billions, are very similar to the pre and pro-biotics people take to “balance the human-gut.”

The bacteria metabolize F.O.G. as their food source. With continued use, the bio-activated pucks control and prevent F.O.G. from building-up.

The result is are cleaner, better smelling and functioning drain lines and traps.

When using the Drain Magic Pucks as a maintenance tool, they will:

  • Remediate F.O.G. in drain lines
  • Reduce grease levels in traps
  • Prevent future build-ups & back-ups
  • Eliminate foul odors and fruit flies
  • Long-lasting

Make drain line F.O.G. vanish with Drain Magic! (For best results, start with clean lines that have been recently jetted)


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