The Straight Wheels

The Straight Wheels Description:

  • Each Wheel is Rated at 250 Pounds of Load Capacity (Four Wheels Support Approximately 1,000 Pounds, which is More Than the Table Rating)
  • Wheel the Table into the Kitchen, Load it Up with Food, Beverages, Serving Utensils, Etc., and then Smoothly Glide the Table into its Final Position
  • Saves Substantially on Labor. Cuts Down on the Number of Trips Between Locations
  • No Special Tools Needed to Attach
  • Does not Significantly Raise the Table Height (less than ¾ of an inch). No Cutting of Table Legs
  • Most Tables can be Folded with the Wheels Left On
  • Easy to Attach…Easy to Remove
  • Includes 4 Straight Wheels
  • Wheelize Almost Any Table
  • Heavy Duty Locking Wheels Add Versatility and Flexibility to Round, Square, and Rectangular Tables.
  • Fits Virtually Any Table with Standard Legs


The Straight Wheels

Add Wheels to a Table
The Straight Wheels are Simple to Attach

  • It is recommended that the table be turned over completely so that it is upside down and stable. Do this on a stable, flat surface.
  • Place the leg fully into the Straight wheel leg-cup wheel.
  • Face the wheel inward as this will ensure that the wheels do not “Stick-out” from the table causing a safety hazard. In addition, with the wheels facing inward, most tables can be folded as they ordinarily are.
  • However, some brands of tables may not fold properly and the wheels will have to be removed in order for the table to fold as designed by the manufacturer.
  • Finger tighten the Screw in the side of the leg-cup.
  • Using the Allen Key included with the wheels (and after finger tightening, turn the screw ½ to 1 full turn to secure the wheel assembly to the table leg the screw secures the wheel assembly to the leg.
  • Do not over-tighten the screw as this may strip the threads in the wheel assembly.
  • Tighten until the screw encounters moderate resistance and no further.


The Straight Wheels are designed to attach to most white resin folding tables (rectangular or round shape). Please refer to the bullet below to ensure a safe and secure fit.

  • If the table leg does not fit easily in the leg-cup do not force or try to make it fit.
  • You can leave the rubber stopper – which is on the bottom of the table leg on or off.
  • If you leave the rubber table leg cap on it will raise the table 5 inches, if you take the rubber leg cap off it will raise the table 4 inches.
  • Make sure the table leg can be fully inserted into the leg-cup so that the leg is sitting at the bottom of the cup. (It must sit in the bottom of the cup to achieve the necessary support for stability).
  • There should be some space between the leg and the wall of the leg-cup.

Download Directions & Safety Instructions


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