LeoLight’s 6+ Hour Views™ Wick Chafing Fuel

LeoLight’s 6 Always know the volume that’s left in the can. LeoLight’s VIEWS™ wick chafing fuel makes it easy to see how much fuel is left… maximize the use of your fuel and never waste a drop!
Burn Time: 6+ hours
Case Pack: 12 units
DISCLAIMER: LeoLight always recommends the use of wick fuel products over gel fuel products. Wick fuel products are non-flammable and are considered safe Regular Goods. Gel products are considered Dangerous Goods, as they are highly flammable and must be handled with care. Mishandling or misuse of Dangerous Goods products can lead to injury or death. © 2017 LeoLight


LeoLight’s 6+ Hour Views™ Wick Chafing Fuel

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