Why is Everyone Raving About the WindBlocker?


We don’t mean to brag (well, maybe just a little), but we have to hand it to Lois and Joe, the inventors of The WindBlocker. Together, they created one of the best pieces of catering equipment in recent history. In fact, The WindBlocker was heralded at multiple trade shows during 2016 as the “product of the year.” During these shows, attendees never stopped remarking about the viability and features of the WindBlocker chafing stand. We chuckled because many who came to our booth returned two or three times before they left the show – no exaggeration! They would come back to reaffirm that we were the best product in the show. Of course, we were most pleased to hear this. So what exactly is it about The WindBlocker that keeps them coming back for more?

The Beauty of the WindBlocker

The WindBlocker is a remarkable invention of Lois and Joe. After 24 years of catering experience, they sought to find the perfect chafer, but it just did not exist. So, they decided to create one. It took five years, but they finally perfected a design that incorporated the best of everything. The ideal design had to include four enclosed sides to keep the heat in and block air currents, be ultra-lightweight while incredibly strong (it has been tested to hold more than 200 pounds!), quickly and easily fold flat, take up very little space, have easy-to-maintain surfaces (simply wipe with a damp cloth after use), and be customizable with the customer’s graphics. This was clearly a lofty goal, but after five years, they accomplished it. The WindBlocker has proven to go above and beyond these expectations, and everyone is noticing it.

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