Do you have Drosophila melanogaster in your kitchen or bar?

Drosophila melanogaster (also known as the common fruit fly), is often found in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, fitness facilities or generally any location where a floor or sink drain can be found. The fly is drawn to many types of mediums such as fruit, sugars, soda, alcohol, organic matter, and numerous other substances. As they “like” organic matter and sugars, the drains found in the floors of food preparation facilities and bar drains are a favorite “picnic spot” for these pests. The fly is very prolific (hatching several hundred eggs at a time), and left unmanaged, they can present a real problem. However, treatment can be very challenging as their favorite nesting location is often in hard to reach places, especially the inaccessible cavity found in floor drains. They also like to nest in bar drains, feeding off the “sugar snake” that builds-up over time in the line that leads directly from the sink strainer to the trap. The sugar snake is foul smelling and nasty; but, an ideal medium for fruit flies. Interestingly, an experienced professional can often walk into a food preparation facility or bar and immediately tell if the location is a good breeding ground for the flies. There is a distinct odor that emanates from these facilities, which means that conditions are ripe to provide ideal harborage for the flies and their offspring. In floor drains, there is an upside down “U-shaped” channel that collects and becomes a gelatinous mixture of fats and dirt. In time, the jelly-like substance becomes an ideal breeding ground for fruit flies, ants, roaches, etc. The challenge in eliminating this problem is getting to the recessed channel. Even plumbers after removing the floor drains have difficulty in getting into this sequestered space. The managers of facilities (kitchens, fitness clubs, hospitals, yachts, bars, night clubs) need to make drain hygiene a priority if they want to minimize the fruit fly population. Their removal is important for a larger reason than just these insects being pests. Unfortunately, these little bugs can carry harmful bacteria, which can be a serious source of cross contamination. To minimize fruit flies or other unwanted insects, routine maintenance should be performed on floor and sink drains, drains that lead to floor drains, beer scuppers, bar gun drains, soda towers & drains, and countertops. Cracks in floor and wall tiles, grout, and missing caulking is another ideal place for unwanted insects to take harborage. The maintenance and correction of these conditions will help minimize the places that these unwanted critters can breed and become a nuisance or health hazard. We found a tool which is excellent in removing the gelatinous sludge that builds up in floor drains, bar sink drains, and drain lines. The Drain Wizard is a simple and effective water pressure device (generating upwards of 125 p.s.i. at the tip), which easily removes the sludge that is home to bugs, dirt, grease, and other unwanted debris. It uses a standard garden hose type fitting, and as such, does not need a pressure cleaner to do its job both effectively and quickly. Also, the floor or sink drain does not need to be removed in order to access the drain line. What a great product! Drain Wizard is a new revolutionary drain cleaning tool that elimates bug larvae, dirt, grime, and grease buildup in minutes! It’s a powerful mini pressure cleaner that removes buildup that toxic drain cleaners can’t (especially in hard to reach side grooves). No plumber, tools or drain cover removal required!