Customizing the WindBlocker

TWB innovations disposable windblocker

We were recently asked by a customer if The WindBlocker is customizable. Great news: it most certainly is! We understand that you may have a reason to decorate and brand our chafing stand to your specifications, which is why we made The WindBlocker completely customizable. Read on for our guide on customizing your WindBlocker.

Invest in vinyl

When customizing your WindBlocker, it’s best to use low-tack, self-adhesive vinyl, which you can purchase at any arts supply or craft store. Because the sides of our chafer never get hot, it is perfectly safe to use vinyl on the sides. We recommend low-tack vinyl because it makes it easier to remove without leaving glue residue. Alternatively, you could get something printed on self-adhesive vinyl from a professional printer, depending on your budget and vision.

Celebrate the occasion

You may wonder why you might decorate your WindBlocker. Actually, this piece of catering equipment doubles nicely as a decoration! If you are catering an event, there are a variety of style options you can use. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, corporate event, or birthday party, a bit of decoration can take your event to the next level.

Show off your brand

Alternatively, instead of decorating for each individual event, you could advertise your catering company with decals on your chafing stands. Show off your brand and you are bound to find new customers, particularly when your food is perfectly warm with the use of The WindBlocker.

When you are looking for catering equipment to customize, The WindBlocker is essential. Shop our innovative chafer today.