Catering Ideas to Please Guests of All Ages


If you are catering an event during which there will be guests of a variety of ages, you may be concerned about accommodating everyone. When it comes to catering, your first priority should be that there are food choices that all guests can enjoy. This can be tricky, because not only are there a variety of food restrictions and allergies to accommodate, what Grandma wants to eat is probably different than what little Tommy is craving. Fortunately, with the right planning, you can create a menu that pleases palates from ages two to 92. In this blog, we will go over some ideas for what to serve at your next event for all age groups.

Keep it Simple

When you are putting together a big event for all ages, you may have some guests with more refined tastes who would appreciate it if you put together a menu of foie gras and lobster, but that is likely to be a smaller demographic than the trouble is worth. You may think that you could serve smaller portions of it for those who would appreciate it, but you want to keep the menu as simple as possible. Yes, you want choices everyone will enjoy, but too many choices will only lead to food waste and complicated logistics. Instead, find a main dish that will serve about 60 percent of your guests. For example, a simple combination of chicken, veggies, and pasta will likely please a wide spectrum of guests. Just don’t go overboard with the seasoning; that won’t fare well for the youngsters at your party. Also be sure to offer a vegetarian and gluten-free option as well!

Use Disposable

Some catered events warrant using the finest china and linens. This is not one of them. No matter the occasion, when there are young children and elderly people with canes, giving them heavy, breakable plates and delicate glasses is asking for trouble. Also, when there is any meal with children eating, it is inevitable that something is going to be spilled all over the tablecloth. Save yourself the trouble by using disposable tablecloths, plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery. Bonus: at the end of the night, you have significantly fewer dishes to do!

Mind the Booze

You may be used to hosting events with plenty of alcoholic beverage choices, but when there are little ones running around, you don’t want the adults getting too crazy or beer getting into the wrong hands. If serving alcohol, keep the number of choices limited; don’t serve liquor, and offer a small selection of beer and wine. Always keep the bar attended to prevent crafty teenagers from sneaking anything past you, and make sure to ID everyone, even Grandma!

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